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ADSE service cooperation

RTA and ADSE consulting & engineering from Hoofddorp, the Netherlands, entered a cooperation agreement to jointly work on projects to accurately determine the yearly energy consumption of HVAC installations on rail vehicles. By combining the testing knowledge of RTA and the engineering capabilities of ADSE this will provide a valuable service to both rail vehicle manufacturers as well as rail vehicle operators. The work continues on the successful EcoTram project between RTA and its partners Wiener Linien, SCHIG mbh, Siemens, TU Wien and Vossloh Kiepe.

By measuring the actual HVAC energy usage across different climatic conditions in the testing facility of RTA and combining this with meteorological data from the foreseen operating environment, an accurate prediction can be made of the yearly energy usage of the HVAC system on board rail vehicles. As the HVAC system typically is the second largest energy consumer, behind the driving power, this is of prime importance to the operator. By assessing the energy consumption of the HVAC system further optimizations may be possible, lowering electrical energy consumption and operating costs.

ADSE consulting & engineering is an independent company providing solutions to customers in 3 different markets: aerospace, mobility and defense. Combining the knowledge of over 75 highly skilled professionals ADSE assists in design & certification as well as process improvements. ADSE was founded in 1996 and currently has a yearly turnover of around 8 M€. For the aerospace sector ADSE holds an EASA Design Organization Approval DOA.21J.481 to certify minor and major changes to aircraft and rotorcraft.

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