Climatic Wind Tunnel Vienna

 Assessment of thermal insulation

Thermographic measurements are used for qualitatively assessing the thermal insulation of the railcar body and for assessing and analysing the surface temperature distribution in the comfort zone (e.g. temperature at window frame).

 Controlled environmental conditions

The tests are performed under controlled environmental conditions. Thermographic images of the outer surface of the vehicle (entire car body height) can only be recorded with the help of a mirror, because of the lack of space inside the climatic wind tunnels. The outer surface is therefore recorded section by section, and the individual images are then stitched together using specialised software to create a single image for each vehicle wall.


The thermal camera also allows the detection of faults in electrical equipment which result in overheating of components. In addition to this, video sequences can be taken to visualise heating or cooling processes in different assemblies.

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