Climatic Wind Tunnel Vienna

Range of services

Rail Tec Arsenal operates the world’s largest climatic wind tunnel to test and improve the safety, availability and comfort of vehicles and other mission-critical technical systems under extreme climatic conditions. Our range of services extends from testing to research & development through to consulting.


Customers and the market

We assist our customers in the optimisation and quality management of their products. Our service portfolio helps to minimise both technical risks and costs for our customers, thus providing them with a clear competitive edge on the international market.

Targeted market observation enables us to recognise the latest trends and tap new market potentials in order to be able to provide tailored solutions. We intend to further extend our core business in the rail vehicle sector to include road vehicle manufacturers as well as the aviation and construction industries.



The professionalism and character of our employees are the key factors of our success. It is their openness and flexibility, combined with a high degree of expertise and experience that help us to solve the most difficult tasks efficiently and reliably.

Our main aim therefore is to provide continuing professional development and to promote the job satisfaction and motivation of our employees and management staff. This approach is founded on a team-based management culture, a varied work environment and the close integration of our employees‘ families.


Human and environmental safety

Running a publicly owned facility we are fully aware of our responsibility to society and the environment and thus comply with environmental standards that go far beyond the relevant mandatory regulations. We place great emphasis on the efficient and environmentally friendly use of energy and material resources and foster an intensive dialogue with the public to create confidence through active communication.

The health and workplace safety of all our employees and contracting partners are our main concern. Our target of “zero accidents” will thus remain a vital element in our corporate policy in the future.


Impartiality and qualitylogo-9001web

Rail Tec Arsenal is a non-profit making company. As an accredited testing laboratory we provide our services completely impartially and independently and grant all our customers exactly the same terms and conditions.

Our official accreditation requires strict compliance with stringent quality guidelines in terms of the correctness and reliability of the tests performed. We meet these high requirements by constantly improving our quality management system and by continuously upgrading our testing and measuring facilities in line with the latest developments in technology.

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