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By public transport

There are some handy tools to easily get around in Vienna; Find more information: Use of official transport in Vienna

From Vienna Airport

S-Bahn (suburban train) station Siemensstrasse, 45min travel and 7min walk


From Vienna City Center

  • Underground No. U3 to station Wien Mitte or via No. "U1“ to station Praterstern, then suburban railway ("S-Bahn“) to station Siemensstraße, 20min travel and 7min walk;
  • bus line No. 31A from Kagraner Platz (Unterground station No. U1) in the direction of  Siemensstraße to bus station "Heinrich-von-Buol Gasse“, 10min bus travel, 10 min walk;
  • bus line No. 28A from Floridsdorf (Unterground station No. U6) in the direction of Aderklaaer Straße to bus station Paukerwerkstraße, 12 min bus travel, 2 min walk;


By car 

From Vienna Airport

Highway No. A4 to intersection "Prater“, highway No. A23 in the direction to "Gänserndorf/Stadlau“, exit "Leopoldau“ (left turn), straight through "Rautenweg“, via "Julius-Ficker-Straße“, "Richard Neutra Gasse“, "Paukerwerkstraße“; Please consider Information about parking at RTA and in Vienna.

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From Vienna City Center

"Obere Donaustraße“, "Brigittenauer Lände“, "Nordbrücke“ drive-up in the drection to "Brünn“ (B227), exit "Brünner Straße“, straight (via B3) to "Leopoldauer Straße“, left turn, "Leopoldauerstraße“ until crossroads "Josef-Brazdovics-Strasse“, left turn, cross "Siemensstraße“ straight into the "Richard-Neutra-Gasse“, "Paukerwerkstraße“; Please consider Information about parking at RTA and in Vienna.

pdfDirection City Center (by car)


Information for the delivery of rail vehicles (test objects)

RTA Rail Tec Arsenal
Fahrzeugversuchsanlage GmbH
Austria, 1210 Vienna, Paukerwerkstraße 3

Station of destination
Station Floridsdorf No. 81 02806-8
Anschlussgleis RTA
Leitungswege 120-00