Climatic Wind Tunnel Vienna

If you are accompanying a test in the Climatic Wind Tunnel (CWT) for the first time, we have compiled some helpful information for you on this page. The safety briefing (see below) contains a lot of information that is important during the tests. Please complete the briefing before your arrival to save time. Any questions that remain unanswered after the training should be answered with the information on this page.



The public transport network in Vienna is very well developed. There are two bus stops (28A, 31A) in the immediate vicinity of the climatic wind tunnel, and an S-Bahn station (Siemensstraße) is a 7-minute walk away, with direct connections to the main railway station. There is a 40-minute direct S-Bahn connection to and from the airport (S7). See also Directions


Catering & accommodation

In the immediate vicinity you will find:

  • Canteen (at "AIT", 5 Minuntes walk)
  • a well-stocked supermarket ("Eurospar", 5 Minuntes walk)
  • a pub with Austrian cuisine (s'Zwickl, 10 Minuntes walk; get more information at thr RTA reception desk)
  • Pizza and food delivery of various supplier are possible as well (more information is available at the RTA reception)

We are happy to offer you our “free fruit“ service on the premises designated to your project. In the customer area there is a vending machine for various hot drinks at reduced prices. Free drinking water dispensers are set up in the preparation halls and the customer area.

For food such as snacks, pizzas, etc., the essentials (such as pizza wheel, disposable cutlery, plastic plates, napkins, ...) and a small refrigerator are available in the control rooms.

If you need a liste of hotels in the vicinity please write an e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Parking in Vienna

As a customer / supplier, you can park free of charge at the RTA company parking lot (Paukerwerkstr. 3, 1210 Vienna). Please ask at reception for a parking card.
ATTENTION: Without a parking card, you risk having your car towed away because it cannot be assigned.

Short-term parking zones apply everywhere else in Vienna - this means that parking is permitted for a maximum of 2 hours from Monday to Friday from 9 am to 10 pm. This parking time is subject to a charge.
With HANDYPARKEN you can book an electronic parking ticket quickly and easily. 10 minutes before the parking ticket expires, you will be informed of the end of validity by text message or via the HANDYPARKEN app. Payment is possible regardless of sales outlets and opening hours. You have 2 options for booking a parking ticket:

An e-charging station for cars is installed at the RTA company parking lot and is available to everyone. Billing takes place via the control module at the charging station and the app.


Safety briefing

On arrival, you will be asked to complete online safety instructions. Only after successful completion you will be allowed to enter the test area of the climatic wind tunnel on your own without being accompanied by an RTA employee.

It is recommended to complete the necessary online safety briefing before your arrival. Otherwise is van be done on site at the reception (and is valid for 1 year).

In case there are additional safety briefings required for your work at RTA, please contact your RTA project manager in charge:

  • Fall Protection Device (Please note, that working in dangerous hights is only possible by using available fall protection device and respective valid fall protection device briefing)
  • Prototype Safety (just avialable in German at the moment)
  • Use of test equipment in the climatic wind tunnel: Bleedair / De-Icing System
  • Instruction for the use of cranes and lifting platforms



If your project involves climate testing in extreme conditions, please remember to bring suitable clothing. Although there are various types of cold weather clothing available, it is advisable to bring your own scarf, gloves, hat and jacket. Non-slip, warm footwear is not available on site and you must therefore bring your own!


Climatic Simulation & Test Object

All climate simulations are carried out on behalf of the customer. RTA accepts no liability for any resulting damage to the test object.

The Vienna Climatic Wind Tunnel is a complex system that is conscientiously maintained and continuously developed by RTA in order to remain at the cutting edge of technology. Despite all precautions, technical faults may occur which delay or restrict the test operation. Particularly at weekends, it is only possible to rectify faults in exceptional cases. Efforts will be made to keep downtimes as short as possible. Any delays in the test procedure caused by this will be discussed with the customer in order to find the best possible solution to compensate (e.g. rescheduling of the test procedure, use of reserve times, splitting of test times according to priorities, offer of alternative time periods). 

It is the customer's responsibility to subject only test objects that are suitable for testing to climate simulations in the CWT.

You will be informed of any hazards and safety measures in the safety briefing (see above). 


Delivery & Customs Clearance

The entire customs declaration and customs clearance, any import permits and any fees and import taxes are the responsibility of the customer and are to be organized and assumed by the customer. If required, RTA will be happy to provide support, but accepts no responsibility for any incorrect declarations. The additional administrative work required for this will be recorded and invoiced. Any customs duties incurred by RTA will be passed on with an administrative surcharge of 10%. RTA reserves the right not to accept incorrectly declared goods.

In the case of temporarily imported customs goods, these must be repacked in accordance with the customs documents. The customer is responsible for commissioning the forwarding agents. In the case of a temporary customs import, it must also be exported from this country again in accordance with the import.

We have compiled the following information as support for smooth transportation and customs clearancepdfAssistance with customs affairs

Please coordinate your transportation and any customs issues with Martina Froböse (contact details in the box on the right) in good time!


Transport, Packaging

Organization (including timely transport and landing permits, accompanying documents, special transports) and costs of transport and proper packaging of the test objects are the responsibility of the customer. Necessary deliveries of equipment, spare parts, etc. must be agreed with RTA prior to the arrival of the test objects.

All material (spare parts, packaging material, etc.) must be properly and immediately prepared by the customer for return transportation. Otherwise the costs for transportation and external storage will be charged. If support from RTA is required to prepare the return transportation of the test object, this must be agreed with RTA in advance and commissioned. Loading support is possible on the part of RTA from 7:00 to 15:30 Monday to Friday1 and must be agreed and commissioned in advance. The customer is responsible for the transportability of the goods.


Costumer Area

During the tests, your team will have access to a measurement room in the immediate vicinity of your booked CWT. Cabinets and equipment such as a refrigerator are available there. The landline telephones can also be used (prefix "0").

As long as the test object is still in a preparation hall, you can use the so-called master bunks and cabinets in front of it. When you arrive, you will receive the corresponding keys at the RTA reception. In addition, there are shelves on the wall in the preparation halls that can be used for storing small parts. You are welcome to use the sanitary facilities (WC and shower) under the master bunks.


Storage & disposal

As long as your vehicle is in a preparation hall, there are shelves available for you to use for storing various small items. The storage of larger parts, etc. must be agreed with the Head of Technical Project Processing (Markus Kraml, extension: -311).

There are waste garbage cans in all customer areas where waste can be disposed of separately. (The waste disposal concept is currently being revised and waste garbage cans are being retrofitted). Please pay attention to the labeling of the containers. If you have large quantities of packaging material or other material for disposal, please contact the Director Technical Project Execution (Markus Kraml, extension: -311) by 15:00, then contact the RTA shift team in the control room.

If potentially hazardous substances are provided with or in a test object, this needs to be coordinated with the project manager in charge and is only accepted on presentation of the respective safety data sheets.


Tools & Aids

For smaller jobs, a small selection of tools is available for customers to borrow from the RTA reception.

If various other tools such as adhesive tape, polystyrene, wooden boards or strips, screws, nails or cables are required, please contact the RTA technician assigned to your project; the consumables will be invoiced as part of the project billing.


Test setup and Preparation: Rail & Road Vehicles

A prerequisite for the start of the measurement setup is a customer-confirmed schedule and measurement point plan. These plans are drawn up by the responsible RTA project manager after the order is placed and sent to you for coordination and approval.

During the measurement setup phase, especially for special measuring points, the customer must provide on-site support (Monday to Friday 7:00 to 15:30). On preparation and follow-up days, the customer may need to provide support in placing the test object in the climate control system.

From the start of the measurement setup by RTA personnel or on a preparation or follow-up day, the test object is no longer available for work by the customer.

Planned preparatory work to be carried out by the customer after delivery of the test object must be agreed in good time before the test object arrives. The preparation halls can be rented for this purpose on a daily basis, subject to availability.


Test setup and preparation: Aviation & Technical Systems

Normally, the measurement setup is carried out by the customer himself with his equipment or the work is very individually dependent on the test object and the intended tests. The commissioned work is briefly outlined in the offer under "2 Short description of the planned tests (task and pupose)" and the work is carried out as agreed in the offer or planned and coordinated in detail between the customer and RTA.


Commissioning, electrical setup & adjustment work

The commissioning of the test object after arrival at the RTA (energy supply release, switch-on process...) is the responsibility of the customer and must be accompanied on site accordingly. RTA prepares the electrical connection and is available to provide support.

Electrical setups (power and energy measurement) that require the power lines on the test object to be opened for the installation of current measurements must be carried out and approved by an authorized specialist of the customer during the measurement setup Monday to Friday between 7:00 am and 3:30 pm.

If additional adjustment work is required on the test object in the preparation hall (e.g. air volume settings, modification work, etc.), this is possible between 3:30 p.m. and 10:00 p.m. in consultation with RTA. If RTA personnel are on site at this time due to parallel projects already in progress, no additional costs will be incurred.

After completion of the test period in the climatic wind tunnel, all cabling installed by the customer (e.g. computer interface cables) must be removed as quickly as possible in consultation with RTA so that the test object can be moved by 11:00 a.m. at the latest.


Test Procedure

RTA performs test operations 6 days a week (Monday to Saturday).

Supervision-intensive tests (functional tests, icing tests, etc.) only take place between 08:00 a.m. and 18:00 p.m.. Irrespective of this, 24-hour supervision of the test object by the customer may be necessary by arrangement in order to be able to make quick decisions based on the current measurement results and to fix the test program for the late and night shifts. Furthermore, a daily results meeting until 16:00 p.m. is recommended in order to discuss the actual status of the test results and to adapt the procedure if necessary.

After completion of the tests, your project manager will ask you to attend a feedback meeting to discuss the tests and results. We are grateful for any feedback - help us to improve. Thank you in advance.


WLAN & Remote Access

RTA offers customers a free WLAN. The password is displayed in the customer area.

It is possible to follow the testing process from any location, provided an Internet connection is available. This measure significantly reduces business trips and the associated costs and environmental impact, as only the essential technical support staff need to be on site.

If you would like to make use of this option, please contact your responsible project manager at least one week before the start of the tests.


Customer representative & order extension

 In the event of an extension to the scope of services (additional measurements or test times, analyses, etc.), a corresponding written supplementary order must be placed by the authorized customer representative.

Prior to transport, including customs clearance of the test object, a customer representative familiar with the project must be appointed to accompany the test procedure on site and be authorized to make decisions regarding the test procedure and test extensions.

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