Climatic Wind Tunnel Vienna

If you are going to support test series in the Vienna Climatic Wind Tunnel Vienna, we prepared some useful information for your assistance. Most of the main information concerning your safety and other useful advice are provided within the safety briefing (see below). Hence, it would be best to start your preparations with the safety briefings. Other issues should be adressed on this site. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask your RTA contact.

Current Covid-19 regulations

General information about entry into Austria: Official Entry into Austria 

Up-to-date Information on the Coronavirus Situation in Austria (Overview about the valid measures implemented)

Informationen by the Federal Ministry of Austria for Social Affairs, Health, Care and Consumer Protection concerning protection, re-openings, lock down, testing strategy etc.: Coronavirus - Information in English

Current Covid-19 measures in the Climatic Wind Tunnel Vienna

  • no separate Covid restrictions apply at the RTA facility
  • Please let us know if you have tested positive for Covid-19.
  • if you have tested positive for Covid-19 without symptoms, FFP2 masks are mandatory, entry is still permitted.
  • in case of pos. Covid-19 testing with symptoms, please stay at home and cure yourself.

Covid-19 Testings

RTA supports you to get a Covid-19 certificate if required:

  • RTA supports you with Covid-19 PCR-tests:You can use our offer for Covid-19 PCR-tests at the laboratory Confidence DNA-Analyse for faster test results within half a day. Please note that this needs to be announced in advance!
  • SARS Cov Antigen Tests at a registered test center: List of Testing centers in Vienna 
    In case you have to make an appointment and register online to get tested in one of the test centres, don't worry, we will help you with the registration: you have to register once. To do so, you need the following data: name, Austrian social insurance number (if you are foreigner just fill in: 0000), home address (hotel you are staying at), email address, gender, age, mobile phone number; You will receive your test result electronically.


Health issues

To support foreign customers from all over the world during their stay in Austria. RTA has prepared some information and implemented some services in the event of illness and connected issues: 
pdfHealth support RTA.pdf


Safety briefing

At your arrival you will be asked to pass an online safety briefing (safety briefing for access to RTA facility, Covid-19 infection risk reduction - Ext Rev3). Only after successful completion you may access the testing facility and customer area all by yourself. 

All safety briefings can be completed even in advance by using the link below (and will be valid for 1 year):

In case there are additional safety briefings required for your work at RTA, please contact your RTA project manager in charge. The following briefings are available:

  • Fall Protection Device (Please note, that working in dangerous hights is only possible by using available fall protection device and respective valid fall protection device briefing)
  • Prototype Safety (just avialable in German at the moment)
  • Bleedair / De-Icing System


Parking in Vienna

As RTA customer / supplier you can park for free on the RTA parking lot (Paukerwerkstr. 3, 1210 Vienna). Please inform yourself at the reception about the issue of a parking card. Without a parking card, you risk having your car towed away because it cannot be assigned.

Everywhere else in Vienna short-term parking zones apply - this means that parking is permitted Monday to Friday from 9 am to 10 pm for a maximum parking time of 2 hours. This parking duration is subject to a fee. 

With HANDYPARKEN you can easily book an electronic parking ticket. Payment is possible regardless of sales outlets and opening hours. You have 2 possibilities to book a parking ticket:

10 minutes before the parking ticket expires, you will be informed about the end of validity via SMS or the HANDYPARKEN app.


Use of official transport in Vienna

We hope you decide to use the official transport system during your stay in Vienna and help to safe our environment. Please find the required information and links here:

From Vienna Airport there is a direct connection to the clostest city-train station (line S7, R23332) "Siemensstraße" (10 Minutes walk), or to "Floridsdorf" in combination with the Busline 28A to the bus station right in front of the facility.



In case your project includes tests under extreme climatic conditions please do not forget to bring approproate (warm) clothes. RTA has protective clothing available but it is advisable to bring your own scarf, gloves, beanie/cap and jacket. Grippy, warm shoes are not available and must be brought by oneself.  


Climatic Simulation

All climatic simulations are carried out as instructed by the customer. RTA accepts no liability for any resulting damage caused to the test object.

The Vienna Climatic Wind Tunnel is a complex facility which is carefully maintained and continuously further developed by RTA in order to ensure that the facility remains state of the art. Despite all these efforts, however, technical malfunctions may arise which delay or restrict testing operations. Sometimes, especially at weekends, repairs may only be possible in exceptional cases. RTA makes every effort to keep downtimes to a minimum.

Any resulting delays in the testing schedule will be discussed with the customer in order to find an optimum solution to compensate for the delay (e.g. rescheduling tests, using time reserves, splitting tests according to priorities, offering alternative periods for testing).

The customer shall be responsible for ensuring that only suitable test objects are submitted for testing in the Climatic Wind Tunnel.


Meals and Lodging

Please note, that as of 8.11.2021 new regulations are in force to enter hotels and restaurants: "2-G" (Proof of vaccination or Proove of full recovery)!

Restaurants & shops in the vicinity:

  • Canteen (at "AIT", 5 Minuntes walk)
  • supermarket ("Eurospar", 5 Minuntes walk)
  • inn with Austrian dishes (s'Zwickl, 10 Minuntes walk or delivered at lunch time; get more information at thr RTA reception desk)
  • Pizza and food delivery of various supplier are possible as well 

We are happy to offer you our “free fruit“ service on the premises designated to your project. Hot drinks, such as coffee and tea, and still water are available from the vending machine next to the control room. Water and tea are free of charge, coffee and other hot drinks are charged at a reduced cost price.

In the measurement rooms you will find a small fridge and basic equipment (pizza cutter, plastic cutlery, plastic plates, napkins etc.) for eating snacks, pizzas etc..

If you need a liste of hotels in the vicinity please write an e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Transport, Packaging

The customer shall be responsible for organising the transport (incl. timely transport or landing permits, accompanying documents, special transport arrangements) at his own expense and for appropriate packaging of the test objects. Deliveries of any necessary equipment, spare parts etc. must be coordinated with RTA prior to the arrival of the test objects.

All materials (spare parts, packaging material etc.) for the return transport shall be properly and immediately prepared by the customer, failing which RTA will charge the costs for transport and external storage. If the customer requires RTA’s assistance in preparing the return transport of the test object, this must be coordinated and requested in advance. RTA can provide support in loading operations on Monday to Friday1 between 7:00 and 15:30; this support must be coordinated and requested in advance. The customer shall be responsible for ensuring that the goods are suitable for transport.


Customs Clearance

Customs declaration and clearance, any charges and import duties related thereto shall be the responsibility of the customer and shall be organised and paid by the customer. RTA will be glad to support the customer, if required, (see “assistance customs affairs - third party countries”), but will not accept liability for any misdeclarations. The administrative expenses incurred will be recorded and charged. Any customs duties incurred by RTA will be charged to the customer with an administrative surcharge of 10%. RTA reserves the right to refuse to accept incorrectly declared goods.

Customs goods imported temporarily must be repackaged according to the customs documents. The customer shall be responsible for commissioning a forwarding agent. Goods imported temporarily must be exported accordingly.

The following information may help you to organise transport and customs affairs: pdfAssistance with customs affairs


Measurement setup and Preparation

The measurement equipment will not be installed until the customer has confirmed the test schedule and sensor plan. These plans and schedules will be prepared by the responsible RTA project manager after contract placement and forwarded to you for coordination and approval.

The customer shall provide on-site support during measurement setup (Monday through Friday1 7:00 to 15:30), in particular where special measurement points are required. The customer may be required to assist in moving the test object into the climatic test facility, if necessary.

Unless agreed otherwise, the test object will no longer be available to the customer once RTA staff have started installing the measurement equipment. 

We ask you to inform us of any preparation work you plan to carry out after the delivery of the test object so that we have time to coordinate procedures prior to the arrival of the test object. The preparation halls can be rented for this purpose on a daily basis.


Start-up, Electrical installations and Adjustments 

The customer shall be responsible for start-up of the test object following arrival at RTA (energising, powering up…) and shall support the process on site. RTA provides the power supply for the test object and is available for assistance.

Electrical installations for power and energy measurements which require opening the power supply of the test object must be carried out and approved by an authorised specialist provided by the customer during measurement setup from Monday through Friday1 between 7:00 and 15:30.

If necessary the customer may make additional adjustments to the test object in the preparation hall (e.g. fresh air rate settings, modifications etc.) in consultation with RTA even between 15:30 and 22:00. The customer will not incur additional charges if RTA staff is on site during that time because of parallel projects.

Once the tests in the climatic wind tunnel are completed, any cabling installed by the customer (e.g. computer interface cables) must be removed in consultation with RTA at the earliest possible time so that the test object can be removed by 11:00 at the latest.


Test procedure

RTA operates its facilities 6 testing days per week (Monday through Saturday). 

The customer should be continuously present during the tests in the climatic wind tunnels, at least until 17:00 (we recommend staying for the late shift until 23:00) in order to be able to make quick decisions based on current measurement results and to determine the testing programme for the late and night shifts. We also recommend scheduling a daily meeting before 16:00 to discuss the current test results and adapt the programme, if required.

We kindly ask you to give us feedback. We have prepared a feedback questionnaire and would like to discuss the findings with you. Please help us to improve our test service.


Online live observation of tests via remote control

RTA provides the possibility to monitor and observe the performance of climatic tests from any given place provided an internet connection is available. By this measure business travel as well as related costs and envirnomental impact can be reduced because the number of present technicians may be optimised to a minimum.  

If you want to use the remote connection for your project please contact your project manager in charge.


Presence of customer during measurement setup and climatic tests 

The customer shall nominate a professionally qualified representative familiar with the project prior to transport (incl. customs clearance), who will support testing on site and is authorised to make decisions concerning the test procedure and any supplementary tests. The customer representative shall ensure that all arrangements have been made for the return transport of the test object.

If the customer wishes to expand the scope of services, RTA requires a written follow-up order by the authorised customer representative.


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