Climatic Wind Tunnel Vienna

Cooperation with other institutes and scientific institutions is an essential factor of success for an international research and testing institute.
An intensive National cooperation has been established to:

   AIT Austrian Institute of Technology

Logo TU.gif Vienna University of Technology

 Graz University of Technology 


International cooperations and close contacts exist to numerous Universities:

   Berlin Technical University

  Rheinisch-Westfälische Technical University Aachen

TU dresdenTechnical University Dresden

  Universität Žilina (Slovakia)


Research activities resluted into further cooperation with other companies:

AIIS Austrian Institute for Icing Sciences

Logo aerotex AeroTex

ADSE logoADSE consulting & engineering


Membership, collaboration in task groups and cooperation with organisations of rail carriers and other industries: 

 Association of German Transport Companies

UICUnion International Railways
UITP logoInternational Organisation for Public Transport Authorities

  Community of European Railway and Infrastructure Companies

  The European Rail supply Industry Association

altInternationally Rail Tec Arsenal closely works together with the IIR (International Institute of Refrigeration). In terms of the International Institute of Refrigeration Rail Tec Arsenal organises conferences and workshops.


Rail Tec Arsenal also has cooperations and partnerships with organisations from the automotive and aviation industry: 

AAI Logo gross Rev16Member of the AAI (Austrian Aeronautics Industries Group) a European organisation of different climatic wind tunnel operators.

SAE Member in SAE AC9C Aircraft Icing Technology Committee

alt Member of CAWA (Climatic Automotive Wind Tunnel Association)


 Rail Tec Arsenal actively participates in national as well as international standardisation bodies especially concerning the issues thermal air conditioning, environmental conditions and brake technique:

 European Institut for Standardisation

AustrianStandardsAustrian Standards

rta Logo