Climatic Wind Tunnel Vienna

New Standards, New Energy - Experience and Challenges - 21.10.2021

Session “HVAC & Thermal comfort”

  • New evaluation method and the more practical relevance of climatic tests in the revised draft of EN 14750 - “Urban and suburban rolling stock“
    Francois Garniche (Alstom)
  • Experiences with the evaluation method of EN 13129:2016
    Uwe Sorgalla & Andreas Rosenkranz (RTA)
  • Passenger simulation: Comparison between heating mats - humidifier - real passengers
    Gregor Richter (RTA)
  • Field of tension between practical climate tests and standardized evaluation
    Panel discussion
  • Presentation of the new book „Klimatisierung in Schienenfahrzeugen“ (DEUTSCH)
    Ingwer Ebinger (HAW Hamburg) / Jens Morgenstern (HTW Dresden)
  • 3D flow measurement & visualization with ProCap
    Benjamin Rembold (Streamwise)

Session “Energy efficiency & new energy supply systems”

  • The role of the dynamic simulation for railway coaches design: energy, economic, environmental, and thermal comfort potential benefits
    Cesare Forzano (University Federico II of Naples)
  • Measuring HVAC energy consumption with hybrid test set up
    Alexander Hildebrand (Siemens)
  • Concept for decarbonisation of Wiener Linien bus fleet
    Johannes Liebermann (Wiener Linien)
  • Alstom Coradia iLint in the Climatic Wind Tunnel
    Detlef Dittmann (Alstom)
  • Effects of alternative energy supply systems on HVAC systems and simulation methods
    Panel discussion

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