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Accurate identification of customer requirements with regard to the research and testing services planned is essential for achieving satisfactory results in the subsequent tests.

A very detailed research and testing concept prepared in cooperation with our customers ensures right from the beginning that the test results will bring them a tangible benefit in future work.


Project planning includes:

  • Planning and development of new measuring and testing methods (if required for the pro-ject in question)
  • Identification of interfaces (e.g. power supply connections, fixtures in test sections)
  • Testing procedure (sequence of tests, resource planning etc.)
  • Detail planning, e.g. specification of measurement points, drawings of test setups and auxiliary structures


Project handling

Projects are handled in close cooperation with the customers‘ specialists. The manufacturers themselves are usually present throughout the testing period since the test objects are mainly prototypes or vehicles of the first series.

The measurement data must be recorded online and analysed immediately in order to be able to take the test results into account in subsequent investigations. This allows adaptations and optimisation options to be checked immediately and efficiently.


24-hour operation

Climatic wind tunnel tests can be extremely time-intensive, in particular for large test objects, because of the long adaptation processes and settling times involved in producing the climatic conditions desired. Tests in the Vienna Climatic Wind Tunnel are therefore performed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, thus considerably extending the effective testing time for the client.

Please note that, unless otherwise agreed, testing activities involving increased manpower requirements, such as functional tests or icing tests, must be scheduled from 08:00 to 17:00 in the case of 12- and 24-hour operation, since the facility is operated with reduced staff during evening and night shifts. The same applies to any necessary modification and repair work on the test object.



All tests are documented on paper in a detailed test report, including diagrams. In addition, all data and reports are also made available on CD-ROM.

Functional tests require clear visual documentation of the test procedure. Tests are therefore recorded on photo and video and the recordings are made available in digital form. It goes without saying that all customer data and test results are treated confidentially and all our staff are bound to secrecy.


Support of marketing activities

We gladly support any accompanying marketing activities and events. Rail Tec Arsenal and the Vienna Climatic Wind Tunnel offer a wide range of opportunities to present the climatic tests and their benefit as a quality assurance measure to your customers or the broader public (photos, videos, media relations, event organisation).

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