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Under Construction - building extension

The need for Climatic Tests in the Climatic Wind Tunnel Vienna has been growing over the recent years. The safeguard of quality, safety and comfort for passengers in public transport comes more and more into spotlight. Workarounds and related increased space requirements for such tests are constantly growing as well. Preparation and postprocessings, measurement setups, modifications and temporary storage of testobjects for following tests can not always be performed outside the facility building. Hence, an additional preparation hall is needed.

For this reason and with the financial support of the facility owner RTR (Rail Test Research GmbH), a third preparation hall is added. This building extenstion is going to meet the increased space needs also referring to the limited office space. Also the space designated for office and meeting activities will be enlarged in the second floor above the newly built preparation hall. On the ground floor the entrance area and the control area will be modernised to reflect the current way of working. Our customer shall easier get the possibility to follow the testprocedures and be involved into the whole coordination process during tests if requested.

Construction works have been performed by the company Held & Francke since September 2020. Commissioned planning office is Schwarhofer Planung und Bau GmbH.  Finish and final opening is planned for autumn 2021. We will be happy to Welcome you in the new customer and preparation area.

Some visualisations give a foretaste of the modern extension to come: picture gallery building extension 

Workshop 2020 - online Event

It used to be a traditon that every two years RTA organised a technical workshop (find information about past work shops here...) with rail experts from all over Europe. The break has been too long now, hence the workshop of this year will be performed in autumn via online streaming plattform. More Information will be given on this point.

IWT presented as part of "RTI Strategy for the Austrian Aviation Sector 2030 plus"

The BMVIT (Austrian Ministry for Transport, Innovation and Technology) gives an overview of the current R&D activities in the sector of Technology and Innovation (RTI) for the Austrian aviation industry on the online platform open4aviation. Besides R&D results it comprises basic strageties, programs, current RTI-issues as well as further useful information. 

Within the "RTI Strategy for the Austrian Aviation Sector 2030 plus" the BMVIT presents the RTA Icing Wind Tunnel - in its special area  - as a the worldwide unique infrastructure. Goal of this Austrian aviation strategy is the pooling of various Austrian competences in the field of anti and de-icing technology research in oder to improve the visability on European and International levels.

The development of the RTA Icing Wind Tunnel in 2013 within the Austrian supplier industry leadingly contributed to boost the "strategic de-icing niche" covered with highly modern systems on the  global market. By new innovations and developments via different R&D projects a leading position in terms of technology and know how could have been achieved. Now RTA  acts as a recognized Know-How partner within the industry.

ADSE service cooperation

RTA and ADSE consulting & engineering from Hoofddorp, the Netherlands, entered a cooperation agreement to jointly work on projects to accurately determine the yearly energy consumption of HVAC installations on rail vehicles. By combining the testing knowledge of RTA and the engineering capabilities of ADSE this will provide a valuable service to both rail vehicle manufacturers as well as rail vehicle operators. The work continues on the successful EcoTram project between RTA and its partners Wiener Linien, SCHIG mbh, Siemens, TU Wien and Vossloh Kiepe.

Media Day ÖBB cityjet

The new cityjet was presented to the public. Top ranking politicians and representatives of the industry answered the questions of reporters. 

Düsen der IWT Einrichtung

Opening of the Icing Wind Tunnel Vienna (IWT)

In course of the first icing test project, performed for a customer in the new Icing Wind Tunnel (IWT) of RTA the newly built facility upgrade was officially opened on 3.3.2014.



On 12.09.2015 the climatic wind tunnel Vienna was one station during the Event "OPEN  HOUSE Wien" for people interested in architecture.


news IWT-8

Icing Upgrade

The European aviation industry has an urgent need of Icing Wind Tunnels providing the conditions for tests with different kinds of clouds. The Climatic Wind Tunnel is getting an Upgrade to such an Icing Wind Tunnel.

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