Climatic Wind Tunnel Vienna

Urban and Suburban Rail Vehicles - New Challenges for Climatic Testing 31.05.-01.06.2012


Microclimatic requirements for railway rolling stock in Russia
Alexander Leksin, VNIIZhG (Russian Research Institute of Railway Hygiene)


Climate and operational simulation of a typical daily course for optimising regulation, thermal comfort and energy consumption
Ralph Hofer, SBB


Specific challenges for HVAC system design and practical climatic testing of the new DT5
Thomas Pahl, Hamburger Hochbahn, Torsten Howe, Bombardier


Increasing comfort and functional requirements for urban and suburban rail vehicles
Thomas Legler, Stadler


Climatic tests as part of the quality and validation process
Pierre Bruynseels, Alstom


New developments for urban and suburban rail vehicles require new test methods
Gabriel Haller, Rail Tec Arsenal


Severe extensive climatic tests for the new ALP45 locomotive for suburban application in North America
Ulrich Rothe, Bombardier


Climatic tests as an important part of the quality assurance process for the new RegioPanter

Jan Dostàl, Skoda Vagonka


Climatic tests for analysing HVAC energy consumption - results and further steps of the EcoTram project
Gregor Richter, Rail Tec Arsenal


Model predictive control for HVAC in light rail and metro vehicles
Martin Kozek, Vienna University of Technology


Validation of measurement methods and calibration of sensors and devices as a basis for high quality climatic testing
Manfred Kreitmayer, Rail Tec Arsenal


Key aspects for climatic tests in the Desiro Sochi project
Robby Stumpf, Siemens



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