Climatic Wind Tunnel Vienna

Bild Simulationsmöglichkeiten

Any weather on earth

  • Wind: up to 300 km/h
  • Sun: from 200W/m² up to 1000 W/m², realistic range of colours, ultraviolet radiation
  • Temperature:  from -45°C to +60°C, maximum temperature gradient of 10 k/h
  • Humidity: at temperatures >10°C from 10% up to 98%
  • Rain: stationary ceiling mounted rain system, spray rig covering entire tunnel cross section, mobile nozzles
  • Snow: spray rig covering entire tunnel cross section, mobile snow nozzles
  • Ice: stationary ceiling mounted icing system, mobile nozzles, new Icing-Wind-Tunnel installation since 2014
  • Clouds: „Continuous maximum“ (stratus clouds) and „Intermittent maximum“ (cumulus clouds), freezing rain and freezing drizzle
  • Super cooled large droplets (SLDs)


Realistic operating conditions 

  • Soiling: by fluoreszent fluid
  • Passenger simulation by heating pads and humidifier
  • Load simulation on roller rigs


Design parameters of both climatic wind tunnels:

Large Climatic Wind Tunnel (large CWT)

Small Climatic Wind Tunnel (small CWT)

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