Climatic Wind Tunnel Vienna

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Our main customers include rail vehicle manufacturers and railway operators along with commercial vehicle manufacturers (trucks and buses). In addition to rail and road vehicles, we also perform tests on cable cars, power supply equipment, signal installations, aircraft components, facade elements and any other technical devices that must function reliably under extreme climatic conditions. In order to keep pace with the increasing demands on climatic testing, we strive to continuously extend and consolidate our technical expertise.



International centre of excellence

Rail Tec Arsenal is an international centre of excellence for thermal passenger comfort, continuously extending its specific expertise in this field. Along with certification tests and experiments in the climatic wind tunnel, we also offer consulting services, studies and contract developments in the fields of vehicle air conditioning and thermal comfort. Rail Tec Arsenal thus considers itself to be a platform for knowledge exchange and awareness building in thematic fields such as thermal passenger comfort in public transport. The climatic wind tunnel serves not only as a testing tool but also as the perfect venue for workshops and seminars.



We always strive to be at the leading edge of testing and certification of public transport vehicles and technical equipment under extreme climatic conditions. In related areas, we also join forces with institutes of international renown in order to be able to provide a comprehensive range of services. Rail Tec Arsenal thus maintains close links with thematically related research institutions with the aim to jointly work towards optimising the quality of transport systems and other sensitive technical equipment.

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