Climatic Wind Tunnel Vienna

The Benefit of Climatic Tests for Future Challenges in Railway Developments


European Processes for Technical Harmonisation and Authorisation
Libor Lochman, CER


Reliability in Railway Operation also under severe Climatic Conditions - a Must for Success
Markus Hecht, TU Berlin


Standardisation of Climatic Test Procedures
Gabriel Haller, Rail Tec Arsenal


Quality and Validation Process Today and in Future
Carlo Bennardi, Alstom


Climatic Tests an important Part in the Validation Process of Velaro RUS
Rüdiger Mangler, Siemens


Conflicts with Requirements for severe Weather Conditions for Platform Products and their possible Mitigation
Rüdiger Wendt, Alstom


Analysis of HVAC Concepts with Respect to Total Cost of Ownership
Martin Schober, Peter Gölz, Michael Eckhardt, Bombardier


Requirements for Standalone Validation of HVAC and Air Distribution Systems
Lorenzo Failla, Ansaldobreda


Importance of Wind Simulation for Climatic Testing
Otto Bucek, Rail Tec Arsenal


Severe Nordic Winter and other Relevant Conditions - Some Consequences and Precautions for Infrastructure and Rolling Stock
Kjell Johansen, Norwegian Railway Inspectorate


Air Flow Measurements with Tracer Gas
Gregor Richter, Rail Tec Arsenal


Key Aspects for Climatic Tests at the NAT Project
René Lesnes, Bombardier


Climatic Tests of the NAT Project

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