Climatic Wind Tunnel Vienna

Analysis of the thermal passenger comfort, functional tests on critical components, energy efficiency analysis and optimisation. According to special customer requirements individual test procedures are desinged.

Investigation of thermal comfort


Comfort, and in particular thermal comfort in rail vehicles is of major importance for enhancing the attractiveness of public transport. Comprehensive tests in a climatic wind tunnel are required in order to be able to guarantee maximum thermal comfort in all climatic conditions. Testing, optimisation and development are usually carried out on one of the first vehicles of a series.


 Functional testing for performance, reliability and safety


Practically every individual component can be subjected to special functional tests under extreme climatic conditions in order to be able to investigate both technical and safety parameters as also the reliability of the rail vehicle as a whole.


 Energy efficiency


Creating optimum thermal comfort within a vehicle results in high energy consumption by auxiliary systems (ventilation, air conditioning, etc). The investigation of the energy efficiency of auxiliaries in connection with thermal comfort is gaining importance as railway operators are becoming increasingly aware of this problem.

 Aerodynamic tests


Aerodynamic measurements are carried out on components such as current collectors and windshield wipers. The effect of side wind, the flow characteristics of the air conditioning unit (fresh air intake, condenser exhaust air) and other parameters can be investigated through measurements on vehicle models.



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