Climatic Wind Tunnel Vienna

Bild Testverfahren
  • Aerodynamic measurements (forces, moments, bending etc.); drag measurements using a six-component balance

  • Snow accumulation measurements for determining filter loading of air intake filter

  • Use of fluorescent tracers for optimising driver’s cab aerodynamics

  • Thermal comfort measurements with passenger simulation by temperature, flow and humidity measurements in accordance with relevant standards EN 13129, EN 14750, EN 14813, UIC 553, VDV 181, VDV 236 using a comfort measurement device

  • Flow visualisation by means of smoke

  • by means of PIV (Particle Image Velocimetry)

  • Thermography for detecting irregularities and thermal bridges

  • Measurement of fresh air volume using pressure compensated flow rate measurement section or Accubalance air capture hood

  • using tracer gas method under airflow conditions

  • Air quality, CO2 measurement (air flow measurement with tracergas)

  • Functional testing of refrigeration cycle (pressure, temperature, humidity measurements)

  • Measurement of energy consumption

  • Functional tests of different components in accordance with CEN/TR 16251 ("Railway application - Environmental conditions - Design and test of rolling stock under severe conditions")

  • Winter certification tests for block brakes up to 120km/h (according to UIC Leaflet 541-4)
  • Alternating climate tests (tunnel passages)

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