Climatic Wind Tunnel Vienna

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Customer presentations

We provide you with all facilities for your presentation!

Rail Tec Arsenal offers customers the opportunity to present the results obtained from the climatic wind tunnel tests to the public. Our staff has extensive experience in working together with TV stations, photographers and magazines.

The climatic wind tunnels, the preparation halls and the soak room are also available for larger events such as vehicle roll-outs.



The presentation rooms of Rail Tec Arsenal are used for events such as research seminars, conferences or workshops. Upon request, these rooms can also be made available to our customers for press conferences and results presentations.

The conference room is equipped with a multimedia presentation system and provides seating for 70 persons in theatre style or 35 persons in boardroom style.

The adjacent cafeteria affords a view inside the high-tech facility and access to a covered roof terrace.

The small meeting room is equipped with a video conferencing system and is used for smaller events and project meetings.

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