Climatic Wind Tunnel Vienna

Practically all vehicle components can be subjected to special functional tests under extreme climatic conditions to test the reliability of the systems.

These tests can be divided into the following categories according to climatic conditions:

  • Extreme temperatures and humidity levels have a negative impact on mechanical, electrical, electronic and pneumatic components.
  • Rain and wind simulations provide an indication of the presence of leaks in the vehicle body, notably at the connecting corridors, doors and windows.
  • Windscreen wiper tests under snow and rain conditions.
  • Wet snow has an impact on all mechanical components exposed to outside conditions (doors, steps, couplings, roof equipment, mechanical brake system etc).
  • Ingress of dry snow into air intakes, gaskets and engine compartment.
  • Ice formation on mechanical components (pantograph, circuit breakers, doors, steps, couplings etc.).




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