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RTA celebrates 20th anniversary

Let's celebrate!

Vienna Climatic Wind Tunnel's relaunch in operational service on the Paukerwerk grounds in 2003 marks the 20th anniversary.

The RTA team has grown, the departments have become more specialized and the plant is kept up to date with the latest technology to meet the increased customer requirements. We are proud to work in a unique company with a unique plant.

 RTA Eigentümervertreter, RTA Geschäftsführer und Geschäftsführer der SchiG

Since the beginning, Franz Hrachowitz has been the managing director and originally "put on track" the basis for the company. He congratulates his colleagues on the good cooperation and announces his retirement to the employees. He trusts that the company will continue to be in good hands and will be able to continue its successful course.

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The operational management of the company was most recently in the hands of technical director Gabriel Haller, who expresses his gratitude for what has been achieved together. For the rail vehicle industry, RTA continues to be the first partner for climate tests. Mr. Haller will remain with the company until his retirement and will use his experience to ensure a smooth handover of management in the coming years.

F. Hrachowitz (RTA)

Hermann Ferschitz established the Department of Aviation and Technical Systems. The expertise combined with the newly created testing facilities in the icing area has made the Vienna Icing Wind Tunnel an indispensable research infrastructure for aviation.

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On to the next 20 years!

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