Climatic Wind Tunnel Vienna

The goal of Icebreaker is to develop durable, cost-effective, and easy-to-apply ice-repellent coatings, deepen the understanding of the energy requirements of electrothermal ice protection systems and improve current icing characterization tests to pave the way for minimized energy requirements for electrothermal deicing and improved ice protection systems.

The added value for the consortium partners lies in the knowledge gained on energy requirements and strategies to improve the energy efficiency of electrothermal deicing, as well as novel coating concepts and the development of a new hybrid deicing system combining passive and active deicing, establishing test methods for hybrid deicing systems for quantitative comparisons, improving R&D capabilities, and improving the performance or developing new products for Villinger deicing systems. The project will allow the proposed hybrid systems to be tested under relevant environmental conditions using a novel 4D scanning system, which would not otherwise be possible. The funding is crucial for the further development of the Icebreaker system.

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