Climatic Wind Tunnel Vienna

Development of key technologies to address a new wing design for a HER aircraft maturing up to TRL5: manufacturing, assembly, structural concepts and processes, concept studies, configuration and architecture trade offs for a full wing component are part of the activity.

As a physical demonstration concept, the detail design and manufacturing of the relevant components of a centre wing section of a HER Aircraft will be addressed. Conceptual wing studies: configuration and architecture (structural arrangement, Systems allocation and disposition, flight control system) trade offs for a full wing. Full wing structural arrangement mock up for innovative wing concepts, Structural and

Multidisciplinary Optimization studies for definition of the optimal structural configuration of wing. Demonstration platform: wingbox, high lift devices, control surfaces, load alleviation devices focusing on the centre section as a demonstration platform: - Integrated Centre section wing box structure with the inner Propulsion stage: Full span (pylon to pylon) torsion box concept representative of more ambitious tip 2 tip concept. Multispar concept, Access manholes and panels, Sustainable aviation fuel and Integrated Fuel vent systems. - Inner section Leading Edges, Integrated Inductive ice protection system integration, Multifunctionality: erosion, impact, Lightning, ice protection, Morphing concepts, Functional tests, Bird strike tests (virtual or real) - Inner section Flap and high lift solutions: Integrated flap solutions. Multifunctionality application to flap. Key processing technologies: Low cost-high integrated out of autoclave technologies. Dry fiber placement and liquid resin infusion for integrated multispar torsion box. Thermoplastic composites processing: In situ consolidation for integrated flap skin and Leading edge applications. Thermoplastic welding and co-consolidation for Integration. Bonding technologies exploration towards certifiable solutions.

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