Climatic Wind Tunnel Vienna

Biphasic Heat Transport integration for efficient Heat Exchange within Composite Metallic Materials Nacelle

BISANCE intends at defining a biphasic system integrated into a composite and metallic nacelle and engine air intake. The biphasic system aims at decreasing significantly the weight, the environmental footprint as well as the space allocated by the current active systems for the cooling of the engine oil and for the energy supply of the ice protection systems. These both active systems (needing external power) will be replaced by a biphasic passive system (autonomous with no need of external power) which will extract the energy from the engine oil and transfer it to the ice protected surfaces. The objective is thus to decrease the weight by 25kg for the two nacelles of a turboprop A/C, to decrease the CO2 emissions by almost 900 000 kg per AC life and to save 200 000$ of operating costs per AC life.

By testing the technology in a representative environment in the Icing Wind Tunnel, TRL5 (Technology Readiness Level) should be reached. At the end of the project the technology will be able to be further developed towards TRL6 to 9 with the final aim to be transferred to the aeronautic value chain.

The project will be divided into 5 workpackages. The first step intends at defining the specifications and the requirements of the product. Based on the requirements, several concepts of system integration into the structure will be proposed and manufactured for selecting the most promising one. Qualification tests are expected for characterizing the structural resistance and stifness of the concept, for verifying the resistance to heat cycles and to impacts. Finally a full scale demonstrator will be manufactured for testing it in icing Wind tunnel.

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