Past Internships & Thesis

Miguel Alvarec
Research on freeze out effects and aerodynamic erosion under icing condition
Penn State University, 09-12 2016
Florian Knöbl
Berechnung und Auslegung einer Anlage zur Schneekonzentrationsmessung im Klima-Wind-Kanal Wien
Bachelor Thesis
Vienna University of Technology, 08-11 2016
Wolfgang Breitfuß
SLD Icing Capabilities at RTA Icing Wind Tunnel in Vienna
Bachelor Thesis
FH Joanneum, 04-07 2016
Matthias Mayer
Thermal simulation of the Climatic Wind Tunnel Vienna
Bachelor Thesis
University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria, 02-09 2014
Yanice Bendjebbour
Evaluation of a simulation tool for calculation the energy consumption of tramways
ei.cesi école d'ingenieurs, 05-08 2014
Thomas Göbert
Calibration and validation of an icing rig for a climatic wind tunnel
Master Thesis
FH Joanneum, 04 2013 - 01 2014
Thomas Zero
Procedures and scope to set up icing conditions for a simulated flight in a climatic wind tunnel
Bachelor Thesis
Vienna University of Technology, 01-07 2012
Michael Wannemacher
Measurement of a facility for the simulation of artificial snow in the climatic wind tunnel
Bachelor Thesis
University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria, 04-06 2012
Mickael Deroux
Determination of the sun shadowing effect on rail vehicles in urban areas
ei.cesi école d'ingenieurs, 06-08 2011
Johannes Eichinger
Analysis of alternative solutions for the simulation of people and concurrent collection of norm relevant measure data - at the example of the diver's cab
Vienna University of Technology, 05 2010 - 01 2011
Siddhartha Jain
Development and advancement of an evaluation and analysis program of climatic tests in Labview
IITK India, 05-07 2009
René Vollrath
Untersuchung der thermischen und klimatechnischen Randbedingungen im Unterflurbereich von Schienenfahrzeugen
Hochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft Dresden - Fakultät für Maschinenbau / Verfahrenstechnik, 2009
Siddhartha Jain
Advancement of a graphic display program for measured online data in Labview and a program to handle errors in datafiles
IITK India, 05-07 2008
Marek Kremen
Program for calculating the annual power consumption of the rail vehicle
University of Zilina, 2008
Leo Brezovits
Analysis of natural and artificial forms of precipitation produced in the climatic wind tunnel
University Vienna, 2007
Gregor Richter
Development and assessment of new functional tests in the Vienna Climatic Wind Tunnel with the aim to increase the availability and reliability of rail vehicles
RWTH Aachen, 2005
David Bouso Fernandez
Development of an evaluation and analysis program of climatic tests
INSA Lyon, 09 2003 - 01 2004
David Grouhel
Investigating the aerodynamic possibilities of the climatic wind tunnel Vienna
ESEM in Orléans, 2004